Cathedral Pandemic Practices

Classes of Mail

Understanding the effects of First Class and Standard Non-Profit mail classes is important for you when mailing elections-related materials.

First Class Mail
  • Delivery time is usually between three to five days.
  • UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) Mail is either forwarded to the new address on file or returned to sender.
  • No postal endorsement is necessary for this service.

Standard Non-Profit Mail
  • Delivery time can be as long as seven to ten days.
  • UAA Mail is NOT forwarded but sent to the dead letter file office.
  • The use of an endorsement is recommended in order to avoid the undelivered mail going to the dead letter office.
  • Mail pieces returned to the sender are then charged at the rate of 50 cents each.

Both classes of mail use
  • SCF (5 and 3 digit) mail is kept at the processing plant (P&DC) for both first class and standard mail and then sent to delivery locations.
  • 3 digit AADC and Mixed trays would lose the tray tag at the processing plant. Therefore all AADC and Mixed trays would be sorted at the processing plant and in most cases this mail would be sent right to JAX.

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